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(for Online Business)

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The 3 Rules for Success

(for Online Business)

This is a free Ebook and a guide
for how to succeed in Online Business

Arne Opsal Hop

Published and distributed in Kristiansund N, Norway

by the author, Arne Opsal Hop


Copyright© 2021 by Arne Opsal Hop

1´ st edition 2021

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author´s rights. Purchase only authorized editions.

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"The 3 rules for success"

(For Online Business)

What do you need to succeed ?                                          Copyright @Arne Opsal Hop 2021

Firstly, I will tell you what you do not need.

  1. You don´t need to be overcharged for something that looks good but doesn´t work.
  2. You don´t need advice, knowledge, or information from anyone who hasn´t succeeded or been there themselves.
  3. You don´t need anyone but yourself to create your own success.

Let me explain each point closer starting with Point 1:

Today, every business needs a website.
A website is your showcase/store window, and the main tool in the business.
Its the tool which shall bring customers! And customers bring the success one is searching for. The website therefore needs to become visible whether it should be local or global. And it must be found by people without your help or effort.
It must be a fully automatic tool!


The simple thing – First Impression.

It must have a good look and a good appealing message to the customers.
Once they are in, its content must appeal directly to the customer and the content must be of high quality, making the customer want to spend time in there and search throughout the whole website. And of course, the speed is of high importance. And the” next” most important of all, even if its not visible, but everyone is talking about it, a perfect SEO!
But there is more, much more. I will explain that later in the article.

Seems good, right?

Well, it is, but most often one must pay a high price for a site like this.
And it still doesn´t perform as you expect it will. It doesn´t work!!
If you continue to read this article, you will find out why this is, further down the line.
It will be explained.


But first, about point 2:

There are more than enough people and companies out there who is ready to give you both advice, knowledge, and information on how to succeed.
Most of them has one thing in common:
They have no clue what they are talking about!
They just want your money, and in return they only give worthless words and praise for the future.
If they really know how to make someone succeed, they must have achieved success themselves too, right? And if so, why on earth should they take time to tell you about the key to success?
The actual “successful” people have more than enough with working with their own success, to maintain it and expand it. Because they have worked hard for it!
There is no shortcut to success, so why should you choose one, that has been made by someone who want you to think there is?

And then we have these friends, family, co-workers, neighbours etc. Those who don´t believe in you and try to tell you through the kindness of their heart, not to go there, because it doesn´t work anyway. They are only referring to stories and failures they have heard about in advance. These are, also the people who haven’t been there themself, but,
GOD! They really know what they are talking about, huh?  Or not.
Most of these don´t want you to succeed at all, because they don´t want you to leave them behind in their own misery, all alone. That´s the truth.


And the last one, point 3:

You should never leave the responsibility for your success to another person or company.
They can only provide you the tools.
And the tools you get/buy from them is only another step towards “their” success, not yours. You must use the tools to create your own success.
As I said earlier, “there is no simple way to success”!
And the only person who can create “your” success, is YOU!
By using the right tools, which includes all knowledge that might be required.

You can make use of other peoples studies and knowledge to create your success, but you must do your own studies and get the knowledge yourself, both from them and through other factors, and then, you must put it in action. Only then it will be your story, your studies and knowledge.
You must be consistent and persistent and invest in yourself!
Not all investment is about money.
In fact, the best investment is in time! And to invest in time, is to invest in life!

And now, we approach the part about “The 3 rules for Success!”


Now I will tell you what you need:

  1. You need to know the difference between a good website and a Super good website, and how to get yourself one ( S-W)
  2. You need firsthand information/knowledge, from someone who has achieved success themself, who has been/are there. Mingle with successfull people and learn from them.
  3. You need to believe in yourself, your goals, and your ability to do whatever it takes to become a winner. A winner NEVER GIVES UP,
    no matter how long it takes or how hard it is. BE A WINNER!

If you have come this far, and if you read this, you have already made a particularly important time investment in your life, and you are most likely ready to build your own success. Now I will reveal some secrets for you, and the answers you have been waiting for.


Rule 1:

The difference between a good, and a Super good Website is like Black and White – Ying and Yang – Night and Day!
You might wonder how the biggest businesses and platforms become so enormously huge and successfull? Actors like Alibaba, Netflix, Tencent Holdings, Amazon, Facebook, Booking Com, Alphabet INC, and more. How is it possible? What´s their secret?

The answer is AI technology (artificial intelligence) Robots – Spiders – Crawlers etc...
It is everything you don´t see or know about, planted deep inside of a Super-Website! It is the big secret! And its a complex one as well.

You have already heard about this? You already know this, you say?
No, you don´t! 99,9 % of you who read this, don´t know the enormous differences in AI technologies that has been used.
The most common technologies are used by the most normal, but also good programmers around the world.
These technologies are even online so most people can learn this and become programmers.

The technology I talk about, cannot be found online.
This technology belongs to the Super-programmers- the Genius programmers!
And believe me, these people does not want to reveal their hottest secrets to anyone!
And they all have different secret technologies too, so nobody uses the same!
And they are very expensive people to hire, which normal people can´t afford, only the big super-companies. These programmers are the real reason for the super companies’ success!
And there´s no way a normal person can even come close to them, unless
YOU KNOW ONE or several. I will come back to that later.


About expences:

Now you might think that its impossible for you to get a website like this, its way out of your league. Well, not necessarily. Its not impossible at all!

First, let me tell you that a normal “good website” is normally quite expensive too, and the prices are floating with big differences trough the market.
And a “good website” also requires a lot of effort from you to push it forward and marketing it daily. A “good website with a good SEO and good keywords, are working by itself in a certain degree, but it still needs to be pushed and helped to become visible. And that is, normally awfully expensive in itself. And a website needs to be looked after and updated (support) constantly to maintain the competition on the market.
This means there are three prices in the total cost of a website in general.
1. The cost of building the website.
2. The cost of advertising the website (push it).
3. The cost of monitoring and updating the site (Support). To monitor and update does not only mean the content, but the much more important SEO and algorithms which is in constant change throughout the search engines, and much more. Do you see? A website is not just a website.


What happens when you have bought a “good website” and follow this 3 steps I mentioned above ? When will it start to pay out ?

Well, that depends on how much effort and marketing you put into it, and of course which kind of AI that is programmed into the site.
But the SEO start to work about 6 months after update.
Before and after this, its all a race against time and competition, and you are into it and have to take action constantly, if you want your money back and start to earn on your website. You cannot rest, you will get minimal sleep and minimal spare time with friends and family.
You got to work hard! In fact, and to be honest, it is not that healthy either.
The truth is, it takes time the traditional way, a lot of time!
Can you afford the struggle? Many finds out during the path, that they don´t, and lose their focus, lose their progress!


What about a “Super-Good Website”, what is the difference?

This is where you nervously walk into a unknown darkness wondering ”what have I done” and where, at an early stage, you can glimpse a small light far into the darkness that is constantly approaching and getting bigger and bigger without you making an effort to get there.
This is the light at the end of the tunnel, and when you get there, everything is bright shining and the truth will be revealed. This is the light of success!
Your success!

The difference is the magnificent Super-AI, that works 24/7, faster than the speed of light and it never stops! This technology is working for you faster and harder then you could ever imagine, and it gives you time to rest, to sleep well at night, to spend time with your family and friends etc.
And most of all, it gives you time to do exactly what you want to do, namely, SELLING!
And it helps you expand! It makes you limitless!

Of course, you also have to help a site like this , by pushing it and marketing it, especially in the beginning, and the SEO hits in after about 6 months here too, as it does for every website, and a Super-Website also needs to be updated and looked after (support) in the same way as every website, but, you can definitely afford it, and your personal workload will be at least halved or more as you already have got the super intelligent technology (AI) working for you. It makes you top ranked in the search engines worldwide (Google - Bing - Yahoo etc) making you very visible, bringing customers in, like rabid dogs. You are heading straight for your own success while you enjoy both the money, freedom and life!


A Super-Website PAYS OFF FAST!

It pays off by itself, and leaves a lot of additional money in return, so you can both expand and live a luxurious life, like most people can only dream of!

Yes, it normally cost more to get a Super-Website, of course.
That, like everything else follows the natural law, “The Bigger the Better”.
But unlike a good website which is a game of chance and in which you can lose your money, it is not possible to lose money on a Super-Website! This is because it works alone and pays for itself whether you join or not. But of course, the more active you are the faster it pays off and brings in profits. And it will most definitely make it easier if you know a Super-Programmer, as I mentioned earlier. Hang on, soon I will reveal this!


So, what is the catch?   Yes, there is a catch,

Do you remember rule 2 and 3 in "The 3 rules for success"?
A Super-Website is only rule 1 and will therefore be limited in the absence of rule 2 and 3.
It will be honest to say that a Super Website is not for everyone. There is a reason why not everyone uses a Super Website, but a Good Website, or is content to pick among bad Websites.
One would think it is the cost and savings first and foremost, which it also is according to many, but the truth is quite different.


The answer is, the lack of information, knowledge and understanding, and not least the lack of motivation and beliefs in your own ability to reach your goals.

What these people say without understanding/knowing it themself, is that their goals are not worth the price and effort it takes to get there. They do not believe enough in their own goals in life! And they do not believe enough in their own products.

If you, in any way feel that you are one of these individuals, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, but I don´t think a Super-Website is the right choice for you. You will most likely become disappointed by the results, and the Super-website is not to blame, but your own lack of rule 2 or 3, or both. In fact, any website will be a waste for you, because it will cost you more than you can afford. Business is all about correct mindset, and with its absent, any business becomes a failure!

On the other hand, if what I say pulls one of your triggers, and if you are determined to succeed, and are willing to never give up despite adversity and effort, then you are a person who should invest in a Super-Website! But, before you go to that step, there is more you must know.

And that leads us to:


Rule 2:

The best investment is not in money, but in "Your Time"!

The best information/knowledge comes from someone who has achieved success themself, who has been or still are there.
I assume you already know your own products, and if you don´t, I recommend you start to learn about it, until you know it both in and out, before you even think about selling anything. A good start will be to live by the old statement, “Use - Wear - Talk".

Use your own products – Wear your Brand – Talk about your products!


You should acquire valuable information and knowledge about marketing, both traditional and within today's internet strategies both in web solutions, website strategy, social media strategy and marketing. Read and listen to the best and take notes for your own use.
You should connect with successful people and spend time in their presence, ask much and listen much to their stories and advice.


The trap!

But beware of who you connect with. There are many out there who proclaim their success without having anything to show to. These are often good talkers but wolves in disguise. They only want to make use of you for their own success, or they connect just to benefit from you. They use your energy and ruin your focus! Most often these are just running boys with a past in successful companies and now on their search for own success using dirty tricks, making people think they have been of most importance for the success, or even worse, they are the reason for a success. Don´t jump into that trap! It is no secret; big business can be very dirty.


Play safe!

Read and listen to well known successful people with a true story of success. Attend trainings and courses within network marketing and social media marketing with people with a true story of success and who likes to tell about it. It shall also be easy to google them and find information about their success. Then you are at the right place.

Connect with others in these groups, seekers of success like yourself, and create teams where you can help each other by testing out proven methods and tools given from the already successful people. Test and learn together.
Know this: Behind every successful man/woman, there is a team of people!
No man or woman has so far created their own success totally on their own.


You can make small changes and be creative with the proven tools and information you receive since they belong to the past and past successes, and the world is in constantly change, so is the tools and opportunities, but don´t try to invent the wheel by thinking you know better and can do better than these people, because, you can´t! If you try, the only fool you fool, is yourself!
Many has tried and failed. So, PLAY SAFE the whole way.

Do this and you will have all the information and knowledge needed to succeed with your Super-Website!


Still with me?

If you are still with me, and I guess you are since you read this, I want you to know, that many who have read this before you, has fallen of and stopped reading long before they came to this exact point where you are at this moment in time.

This means that “You” most likely have what it takes, “the success factor”, and they don’t.
That is a perfect baseline and in total alignment with the human evolution and balance. This is the main reason why so few succeed in life and why so many don’t.

And if you have found everything or the most of it interesting so far, and you have a feeling that you can be ready to do this (rule 1-2), you probably have the most of rule 3 already in your natural mindset. You have a winner mindset! And you are ready for the third and final rule that is crucial for the success of rule 1 and 2.


Rule 3:

Believe in yourself and your goals without a doubt!

This is always easy in the beginning, and when everything goes smoothly.

But when adversity arises, things stop a bit, problems arise, and you have to make an effort to find solutions... That, of course, is when the challenge comes, and this is where the majority gives up. And this will come, guaranteed, it always does!

As I said, "there is no shortcut to success", and it always requires time, efforts and belief.
But remember this, "It is in hard times we grow and learn, not the smooth times, that's the passive times”


So, whats the key to belief?

Start to “be” what you want to become!
Start to live like it has already happened!

But this is impossible you say? It requires money and a total change of lifestyle?
No, it doesn't! It requires a change in attitude and a change in mindset!

You see, when you dream of a success with you in it, you are creating images in your mind, and these images creates feelings. This is the feelings of your success, and it feels good, right?
Do more of this, dream more, feel more, and spend time in your mind, in your already accomplished success. Do this as often as possible and make it a habit!
In real life, you shall talk about it and express your thoughts and feelings about it to others, as if it has already happened.  There is a big truth in the words “Fake it til you make it!

And when others start telling you, you are insane, you have changed, you talk like a madman etc., don´t believe in them, they are the ones who are wrong, they are lying to you, they are trying to stop you from being you!


Always tell yourself,
"I am me and I have the full right to be whatever I want to be and to create whatever I want for myself in any way I want to do it. It makes me happy, and I can do it because I am the success I have always wanted to be! I believe in me and everything I stand for, and that is my stand in life, now and forever, and no one or nothing can stop me from being myself the way I WANT TO BE”! There are no problems, only solutions! And I have time to search for them, because they will come to me by themself, they always do”!

And if you do this without a stop, and especially in the hard times, this is what’s going to happen; Your belief will start to change into "KNOWING"!

And "knowing" is the very key to success! For in knowing, there is no doubt as it is in believing. That is why you must believe in yourself and your goals and never give up on your beliefs, never stop working towards it, always look for solutions by conquering the problems and become the winner. Because this will lead you into the "KNOWING"!


The 3 Rules of Success:

Rule 1: Know your Goal.
Rule 2: Get all Knowledge about your Goal.
Rule 3: Believe in Yourself and Your Goal.


And with this, you now know the 3 rules of success, and since you are still here reading this, you have proved yourself. You are one of the few persons in this world with a built-in success factor.
You can make this happen and there is no doubt that you have what it takes to build a tremendous success in your life. I know this because you wouldn´t be here reading this if you couldn’t! All you must do now is to act! I recommend you start with rule 3 in the 3 rules of success, and let this rule follow you the whole way trough rule 1 and 2, all the way to the top. Proceed with rule 2, except if you already have acquired this knowledge and can jump straight to rule 1. Then finally, rule 1, get yourself a Super-Good Website and start building your success!


Now you know what you need to succeed in your online business!
But the best and most important thing about this ebook, you will find in a paragraph further down. Namely the hidden Rule 4. How to understand the 3 rules of success, and how to use them in any kind of success in life. Anything you want to succeed at, and whatever your dream goals are will be available.


All in One support!

  1. I told you there were benefits of knowing one, or many Super programmer, right?
    It is, both when it comes to price, savings, execution, communication, understanding, interaction, support, result and much more.
    I know several of them! I work and collaborate with them daily. And I would like to connect you with them too!
  2. I also offer you information and knowledge required for your success, in our training sessions/courses where you will meet successful people and success seekers like you, which you can team up with. A place where you will be guided by successfull mentors.
  3. And about your mindset which is a part of rule 3, I am offering personal support/coaching and follow-up for as long as you find it necessary.

This means I can help you with "The 3 Rules of Success" all in one!


The hidden Rule 4:   (The secret to all successes)

As the author of “The 3 Rules of Success” for Online Business, means I have the knowledge, experience and authority to know what I´m talking about, and that it is a proven fact that these
3 rules works perfectly if followed as prescribed.

Rule 2 and 3 is the main success factor in any business and life in general, and whatever you add in as rule 1, will determine your goal and what you want to succeed about. But you need the combination of rule 2 and 3 with rule 1 (your goal) to succeed, there is no other way.

In this little ebook, I have thus focused on online business and how to guarantee success with a website. In another book I can, f.ex. replace the website (rule 1), with brain surgeon or rocket scientist, musician, footballer, professor, broker, programmer, anything I want to create success with. Rule 2 and 3 will always be the same but Rule 1 (the goal) can be changed and can therefore always be different and something else.

Personally, I have built my own life and achieved my own successes by using these 3 rules of success, where I have, as needed, replaced rule 1 with what I have wanted to achieve. And I have always succeeded, thus far. And I have seen many others achieve the same results by using these rules, both from my instructions and from others. The 3 rules of success are thus proven facts!

But to take full advantage of the 3 rules of success, one must both know and understand that these 3 rules are actually 4 rules together. And to understand this connection and how each rule works in combination with the others, is to understand the hidden Rule 4.


And for you who still are with me and reading this: I'm impressed by you, and you have made one of the most important investment so far in your life, by the use of your time reading this ebook. Congratulation!

All you must do now, ”when you are ready” is to contact me in the contact form below.


Thank you for your reading, and I wish you good luck with your choices and all the best in life and business.

To all your best

Arne O.Hop
The Author of The 3 Rules for Success.

Copyright© 2021 by Arne Opsal Hop


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