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The "Source” by Arne Opsal Hop

Arne Opsal Hop is the author of the book, The “Source”.
The book can be categorized in the genre “Spiritual / Life Mastery and Guidance. In reality, the book is a message to all of humanity from a "invisible source" for us, or as Arne himself expresses, "The silent voice" from another world / dimension!
The name "God" is often mentioned in the book, but Arne asks people to have an open mind about this and points out that this has nothing to do with religion, but rather a concept / name that people have given this so-called invisible and all-encompassing power / the energy that includes and surrounds everyone and everything that exists. The name "God" is therefore only for the identification of this power. You can read more about this in the book for further explanation.

In addition to being a writer, Arne is a well-known artist known by name “Mr Gee”, and his long career as an artist has given him insight into the stories and destinies of many people, which he in combination with his spiritual abilities and his own life story as well as the book “The Source”, uses as a starting point in his lectures and as a personal  “Coach”.

Behind the scenes of the artist and family man Arne O.Hop, and mostly in hiding from the general public, Arne has for many years been a conversation partner, supervisor and inspirer for a large number of people with different backgrounds. In this way, with his warm hands and special ability to read people (spiritual insight), he has also performed healing and energy purification when this has been desired or required. References are here difficult to find from these years as discretion has been a matter of course and Arne himself has wanted to keep this hidden from the public. But it can be said that these people have been everything from the ordinary man / woman in the street to business leaders, innovators and athletes etc ... Yes, Arne has even been coach/adviser for several business concepts / companies that have either had problems or wanted better results.
This has given positive results!
Arne Opsal Hop is also a popular “Lecturer”, where he conveys the book's (The Source) creation and messages in a colorful and enthusiastic way. And he has his own ability to touch each individual listener in a way where you go into yourself and see your own life / your own life situation and integrate Arne´'s messages into this for personal improvement! In this way, Arne coaches an entire audience at the same time as each individual listener gets a feeling that it helps them in their life situation.  Personal Coaching!
It also happens that if the situation allows it, Arne brings out the "Guitar" and entertains his audience at his lectures. After all, he is an artist by profession and music will forever be a part of his life!

More about the "Source"

The “Source was started in January 2015 as a result of a period of depression and confusion in Arne´'s life. It all started with little notes from his own life, and there was never any plan to write a book. Most of these notes were eventually removed in favor of new information that Arne received from somewhere in his interior and which he would eventually identify as "The silent voice"! That was when Arne realized that he was writing a script for a book!
This went on incessantly for a period of almost 2 years (night and day) where the quiet voice encouraged Arne to write down its messages, as well as important elements from other authors that Arne through this period acquired knowledge from and which was considered important for the book. This period of almost 2 years, offered everything from depression and fear, abandonment, hunger, powerlessness, insomnia and disharmony, to joy, enthusiasm, excitement and harmony etc .. It was not always so nice to be Arne when he knew he was writing dictation from an invisible (thing) who actually controlled him 24 hours a day. It probably sounds like madness, and this is what Arne also thought many times. But when the book was finished (without Arne knowing it) it became quiet! Except that there will be more books with more messages, as people get ready for these.
Now the quiet voice is not completely gone, but it does not urge and no longer takes control. It acts as an assistant and advisor in Arne´'s daily work and is therefore a welcome guest for Arne whenever needed.
Arne will also point out that even if you are the author of a so-called life mastery book where you can find answers and solutions to everything from money problems, health problems and general lifestyle problems to answers to life and death riddles etc .. You are no more immune than others to everyday problems, vulnerability and exposure to negative forces! It is rather the opposite that happens, because, we are tested and challenged in all areas of life, says Arne. The reason for this is that you gain an understanding of what is happening and that you acquire knowledge and develop the tools needed to get over the problem and to a better everyday life and condition. With this insight, we may therefore find it a little easier to cope with what is happening than others, because you have precisely this insight and the holistic perspective, Arne continues! The main reason is therefore to acquire knowledge to help others who are in the same situation and pass this on to the help and development of humanity!
The script for “The source has also been translated into English, but not yet printed in paper format. But one can order it as an eBook (PDF) by contacting us here ...
The Source (Norwegian paper edition) is in stock and can be ordered directly HERE!