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In his lectures, Arne O.Hop explains how the book "The Source" came to be and how the book's content can be integrated and lived through one's life for a better quality of life!

Arne has a charismatic radiance and in that sense he is also very entertaining for his audience, who are always captivated by Arne´s deep dives into the spiritual world.
He has his own way of communicating his message and this appeals to both those who are still beginners and curious, as well as those more experienced in the spiritual field. There is no doubt that his long career as an artist is contributing here!

Arne has his own ability to convey that reaches each individual person in a personal way. Through his lectures, he takes you on a spiritual journey that makes you understand yourself better as a human being and how to relate to everyday life and everything that happens around you in a new way for the good of yourself and others.
If you want a change in your current situation, Arne has a message for you ...



Coaching/Mentoring with Arne O.Hop.
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Personal Coaching / Mentoring with
Arne O.Hop?

  • Do you walk around with a dream or a goal in life, but have no idea where or how to start ?
  • Problems piles up for you and you have no idea how to move forward ?
  • Do you struggle with low self-esteem and feel less worthwhile, either in your family or your surroundings ?
  • Do you lack motivation to move on in life or to achieve your goal or dream ?
  • Do you have mental health problems due to circumstances that have happened to you in the past (or are happening now) ?
  • Do you need advice on problem solving on the mental level ?
  • Do you have health problems and are looking for an alternative solution to this ?
  • Do you have problems in your love life and want to find redemptive answers ?
  • Do you need help with anger management or other emotional nature ?
  • Are you tired of fighting against yourself and your feelings and longing for an inner peace and balance in life ?
  • Mistrives du i din nåværende situasjon, jobb eller i privatliv og leter etter løsninger ?
  • Are you afraid to do what you want for fear of what others might think ?
  • Do you have other questions you want to find answers to in life ?

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Find your potential along with
Arne O.Hop!

Arne O.Hop has for many years been a conversation partner and motivator for
everything from the ordinary housewife / father, to people in different professions,
top managers, innovators, business developers and athletes.

Arne is claimed to be the basis for a noticeable positive change in people's lives
both during and after conversations and guidance!

In his coaching / guidance, Arne places special emphasis on the untapped potential,
where he helps people to move from the understanding of being limited
to being unlimited and with unlimited possibilities!

Based on countless people and their stories through a long life,
as well as his own experiences and a spiritual insight far beyond the ordinary person,
Arne sees no limits to who he may want to help regardless of issues.

On the spiritual level, Arne receives both signals, images and messages from
each individual's life situation, as well as the energies from these people.

These are very good aids that Arne uses in the process for each individual.

In addition, Arne equips his clients with the right tools / keys and tasks
for the best possible result in each individual case.

Because as Arne himself says :
All change begins with yourself and you must walk the path!
But I can happily go with you, all the way to the GOAL!

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Coaching / conversation with Arne either by phone/video, via the contact form on our contact page !