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Throughout this book, the word limitations is repeated often.
And this is done deliberately because of the importance of understanding that -
Your limitations are the only thing holding you back from achieving everything you want and desire!

Limitations are blockages deeply rooted in our minds

The limitations we experience in our lives are really nothing but beliefs
programmed into our minds from our birth to who we are today.
These programs is called "Impacts"! We are influenced by others through our upbringing
to believe in our limitations and therefore uses words like "I can not", I do not get,
I can not become, I do not have etc. The word "not" is often repeated in our vocabulary
when we mention our limitations.
But the word "not" comes from other people's words to us as "No"
or other forms of rejection we experience throughout our lives.
Our limitations are therefore created by others than ourselves!

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I can´t…

I can´t” said the boy when he was given the task in the craft class at school to carve a
boat out of a piece of wood. "Why, you can´t?" said the teacher.
"Because my father says I can not, and that I have ten thumbs, ”said the boy.
"Your father is always right," said the teacher, "but only for his own part," he continued.
"In the same way, 'you' are always right 'but only for your own part," said the teacher.

How?" asked the boy.

”If your father says you can not, these are thoughts he has in his head.
When you believe in this, he has sent his thought into "your" head.
When he says you have ten thumbs, this is a thought he has in his head.
When you believe in this, he has sent his thought into your head.
Before your father told you this, you did not have these thoughts in your head.
Before your father told you this, you had ten different fingers on your hands
and you could carve anything if you wanted. When you now look at your
own fingers, you only see 10 thumbs and with these you can not carve or make handcraft!
Why your father is always right, but only for his own part, is because he "believes" in this.
Why you are also always right, but only for your own part, is because you also "believe" in this.
But just because your dad believes in this does not mean you have to believe in it, because you have
your own right to decide what you want to believe in in your life. You always have a choice to choose
what you want to believe in, and the choices you make will always be right for you, no matter the outcome! ”

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Emotions vs. Thoughts

Scientists claim that emotions are more important than thoughts

Researchers have discovered that emotions are much more important than thoughts.
This depends on how you look at this as it is thoughts that create emotions.
That is, without thoughts emotions could not exist. Seen from this angle, I would therefore say
that all
elements complement each other and are therefore equally important for our development.

But let's rather look at the importance of emotions and their role versus thought when
it is about attracting what we want and do not want. For like Napoleon Hill
writes in his book, Think and Grow Rich, "Thoughts are things" so they are just that,
but still only on a non-physical level. Because thoughts are images of things, and emotions
must be added to this images before they can occur in physical form.

Because it is actually the emotions that create attraction! In this area, emotions are therefore
more important
than thoughts, because, thoughts state that everything you can think exists
on the non-physical plane,
while emotions are the key to the physical manifestation of your thoughts.
This means, if you can think it, you can feel it and if you can feel it, you can create it!
Thoughts then become things!

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Be aware and listen

In the name of hindsight, it's easy to say, why didn't I do that, why didn't I say that,
why didn't I speak out, why did I not think about that, why did I not listen,
how would life be today if I…
All this is about being unconcious of one's own life.
It is as if you are sleeping through life and letting it pass with you as a passenger
without you having any control over events along the way or destination.
You leave it to others to make your decisions, make your choices and control your life.
In other words, you give away your power to others and become a piece in their game.
But it's never too late to take back the control of your own life, NEVER!

Have you ever driven too fast and suddenly got the feeling that you have to slow down
because something is wrong, like a small sting or just a thought, only to suddenly discover
that there is traffic control around the next turn or that
an animal suddenly crosses the road
right in front of you or another obstacle suddenly arises.

Did you slow down in time or did you just ignore the feeling?
Have you ever been in the process of making a choice and then suddenly
got a negative feeling about this choice?
Did you stop or ignore this feeling?

There are countless examples of this and due to unconsciousness it often goes wrong
and in many cases has catastrophic consequences.

This is your Intuition that speaks to you and warns you before anything wrong is about to happen.
This is your inner voice that you should not ignore.
This is your glimpse into the future.
This is God speaking to you through your soul, your intuition, through "YOU"! "
This is the real you, the one you really are!

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Create your future by living in the future !

If you want a better future, you have to get into the future and let the past be the past.
See the future you want and start living it NOW!

If you have a specific desire for the future for yourself, you need to create an image
of that desire and attribute to it the feelings you would come to have,
as if you have already received this desire.

You must feel that you have it "NOW" before you have it.
This image along with the feeling of already having it, you need to repeat daily
as often as you can without a doubt that it is going to happen.

Live as if it has happened!
You have to be persistent and not think about how it can happen or when it will happen.

Trust that the Universe works for you at a much higher level than you can imagine
and trust that your wish will be delivered just as you have described it in your mind.
The reward you will receive for being persevering and purposeful will be that you receive
your desire and more, when the Universe believes you are ready to receive this.
Trust that everything is perfect.

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Can we live this life over again ?

The answer is simple but controversial. An unreserved YES!

Yes, we can live the same life again!
Either in another similar and identical dimension or in this our current dimension.
Exactly within the same era as we now live our lives.

Because, time is just an illusion. The epochs of our lives will always exist
as they are, an eternal energy, and our lives that we experience from birth to death
will always be part of this epoch and energy.
Now and forever!
Therefore, both epochs and life can be relived as often as one wishes.
Exactly and identical to your current life course, or with modifications
where you subtract and add whatever you want from new experiences
and do not want to re-experience from your previous life.

This in fact,also exists

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Angels and Demons

Are there demons ?

What is the opposite of demons I ask back? Answer: ANGELS!
Yes, they exist, both angels and demons! This is no longer a myth but a truth,
because they must exist as opposites for one or the other to exist.

Stories, events and stories from all over the world also prove this,
but people have a hard time believing it.
Nevertheless, the fact is that demons also exist
in their dimensions and they can be drawn into our dimension and all other dimensions,
but only at the request of this and only by action.

This means that you "do not" need to be afraid of either demons or obsession as
long as you do not focus on this or have a sincere desire to draw it into your life.

Otherwise, it can happen when everything can be attracted, also this.
Because, there are versions of you out there that call for this and these versions
you "do not" benefit from copying to your own life.

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The law of attraction

Whether you think you can or not, you're right.
You get what you say and feel! (Henry Ford)

A different description of the Law of Attraction !

The law of attraction has been discussed and described by a large number of authors
and speakers in recent years both before and after the film and book "The Secret" came out.
In many cases it is referred to as if it were the primary and only law in the Universe as well
as the only thing you need to master to create the life you want.

But the explanations are often incomplete and omit important factors that are necessary to
understand in order for this law to be fully enforced.
This is also the reason why so many
"do not" master it and therefore "do not" achieve the results they want.

Because, the Law of Attraction can only work the way you want it to while understanding
and combining from the other 11 Universal Laws.
Depending on what you want to achieve.
(The chapter "The 12 Universal Laws" in "The Source")
At the same time, let it be clear that the "Law of Attraction", like all other laws,
is energy in constant motion.
This means that it works constantly in your life,
but you do not necessarily control it!
This in turn means that as long as you "do not" control it,
you will also attract everything you do not want and which you unconsciously think about and act on.

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Money is energy! You are energy too!
When you vibrate at the same frequency as money
you will attract each other!

Money is always a theme in human life and existence and no one can truly say that money is not important. Those who say so have created a negative frequency of not attracting money themselves, because, to say that money is not important, is to take a position and this is to set a standard for their faith. This will then be the ruling thought and feeling that the Universe responds to, by delivering more of just this to these people, ie "DEFICIENCY"!

Money is important, Period!

Money is important because we need to eat, we need clothes and housing to not freeze, we need money to be able to move around the world for the opportunity to work, learn, expand and develop as human beings. We simply need money to be able to exist over time! The differences are only between the magnitude of money and the degree of existence. The more money we have, the more we can accomplish, quite simply.

But wealth can be more than money and not everything can be measured in money, but my god, it helps, there is no doubt about it. There are countless forms of wealth in the world and money is just one of them.

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Sources of income

People have the perception that "the harder you work, the more, the longer,
the more overtime, the more jobs you have", .. the more money you can make.
Many people actually work so much that they do not have time to live, to enjoy life,
to be social, cultivate friendship, family and not least, ONESELF!
The job becomes the life they live and despite this, they dream and long for
freedom, love, peace and tranquility to cultivate themselves and the people close to them.
They dream of a life of abundance and prosperity but do not see that
their actions correspond to the opposite of their dreams.

Many of them make a lot of money on their lifestyle, but they do not have time
to spend it because they have to work harder to earn more.
What is the purpose of making a lot of money, when you can not use them?
Well, many of these actually use them to build great houses, own great cars
and other luxuries, but to what use?
They are not there to use or enjoy this .... they must continue to work to either
make more money or to be able to pay for all this,
which they also do not have time to spend! And still they want more and more ...
which they do not have the time or money to enjoy?

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Life and Death

With the understanding of this information in your mind, you will also be able to
understand that you are immortal, YOU CANNOT DIE!

Death is an illusion in the same way that life is! We are spiritual beings and part
of this one infinite power that constitutes what we call God.
Our bodies are also
formed by the same force / energy and can never die, only change shape.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just "is".
But just "being" does not mean that it stands still, then nothing would be able to
move and therefore not exist, develop, reverse, deteriorate, regress or stagnate.
Energy is in constant motion and constantly changes form. CONSTANTLY!

An example of this we can see in the aging process from conception to death in all that is.
This is energy in motion in physical form.

This in turn means that when we die in the physical world, our spiritual selves (our true nature)
are released from our physical abode (body) as we no longer need it,
and its tasks on earth in this life are performed for
our part.

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how our consciousness continues with us as passengers, in the book “The Source
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