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About "The Source"


The Source ”is a guidancebook and textbook in life's riddles, challenges and questions. It deals with all people, regardless of gender, age and ethnic origin. It gives us answers on how to cope with everyday life and how to turn the negative into positive whether you are struggling with finances, health problems, love life, inferiority, complexes, fear, fear of death, etc.…
All people have goals and dreams in life but do not know how to achieve them. Most give up at the beginning and others at a later time when adversity arises or random circumstances stop the process.
This book explains how to set goals and dreams and how these are achieved by simultaneously wishing the best for others in addition to oneself. It is never too late to dream, but for achievement, one must act and not give up!
What happens when we die, What is death really?
The source gives you the answers all people seek regarding this topic and what happens the day we die. We also learn how to deal with sorrows and defeats in this book and why circumstances we try to avoid and which seem unfair happens.
It opens up a larger universal image that for us humans is impossible to see from our physical point of view. Everything happens for a reason, nothing is random!

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About Arne O.Hop


Author, entrepreneur and musician, 51 years old, lives in Kristiansund, Norway. I have been a musician all my life and for the last 21 years I have made a living full time as a Trubadur Mister Gee. Life as a musician has taught me a lot about life, death, people, destinies, hopes and dreams.
I have always been open to the spiritual and have many experiences with this in many ways. I have always known that the purpose of my life is to rejoice and to help others where needed.
December 2014 was therefore the start of the book "The Source" which was by no means planned, but which came to me as messages from another dimension. What inspired me to write, I describe as "The silent voice" and this made it very clear to me that the book was a message to all mankind.
My spiritual experiences extend from childhood and up throughout life and have today resulted in the book "The Source". I have always felt at my best when I have had the opportunity to help other people, and this has always given me the greatest joy in life.
Through my book, I now have the opportunity to reach out to more people who are looking for help and answers to life's riddles and the biggest questions man carries, which also includes death and what happens after that.