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The Power of Social Media

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Copyright© 2021 by Arne Opsal Hop


Social media is a powerful tool , everybody knows that.

But who can draw out its power? You? Everybody? No, I'm afraid not,
except if you find the following relatable in any way, shape or form.
It is powerful only, and I mean only, for those who know how to use it! The rest of us are, only tools in the hands of the user.

The real power lies with those who know how to make use of social media the correct, and most effective way possible, and use it the way it was designed to be used.

The BIG question is: Would you like to be part of the elite, who can understand, and use social media to the extent of its capabilities, or do you want to continously be used as a tool in the hands of the puppetmaster, and in which you, in your blindness still believe you understand this amazing invention called ”Social Media”?

The choice is yours, and in this article I will reveal some of the secrets to social media, and provide essential knowledge for you to easily make your own choices in your path to mainstream success.

What do I mean by considering most of the worlds population only as tools used by ”Puppetmasters”?

The world population is a piece in a huge game of manipulation and illusions,
and we are all affected to such an extent that we unknowingly allow ourselves to be led in any direction the masters of social media wants us.
Our subconscious is constantly affected by a bombardment of subliminal messages, popularity polls, peer pressure and more. And all this, mainly comes from advertising, and the desire for attention. We are all single pieces in a game where all players want to win as many pieces (us)/customers as possible. And it's very addictive! Social media is like a huge magnet that attracts us throughout large parts of the day and night, because of its natural addiction.


The power:

Social media is the world leading center for buying and selling, distribution, news and advertising, propaganda and lies, but most common of all, INFLUENCE / IMPACT!
It has been said for a long time and it is true: Whoever controls social media controls the world!

We are not looking to control the world in any way, but in terms of business, we all have a desire to be able to control our own little world, our own business and our own future, right?

For that to happen, we must all start with the understanding of the groundstructure and intentions of each social media, how it is built up to ”first” serve the inventors, then the users, which includes both the ones who know how to use it correctly, and the audience/users in general.


The 6 points of understanding Social Media


  1. You can never compete with, or fool the inventors of a social media, because they are always in control and can shut you down in an instant. They have the copyright and the power to basically do whatever they want, whenever they want. This includes the terms of use and regulations.
  2. You must understand that everything you post, including all your personal information, is collected and used by the media in ways you can never control, so it is always smart to be careful, follow their rules regarding behavior, what you post and in what way you express yourself regarding your products or business. Instead of thinking that this is negative, you can actually by the right use and understanding of this, influence the medium in a positive way for yourself, and actually make the medium work "for" you, if you are smart. (manipulation of the ”Algorithm”)
  3. Understand that each social media has different functions and intentions with its existence. Common to all, is that they try to copy the best from each other, but in addition implement new and better tools to win the audience.
  4. Understand that it is the social medias algorithm that decides who will see your posts and how many this will be exposed to. The content and quality of what you post helps determine how the algorithm treats this and wants you to be exposed / your visibility and targeted audience.
  5. Understand that it's all about manipulation and illusions. It is in fact the case that illusions are created by manipulation, and people can be led by this, exactly where the inventors and the puppetmasters want them to be. In this way, you are under the control of others without you knowing it, and in the continuing belief that you are in control of yourself.
  6. Understand that the right choice of social media for your product or business is crucial for your success or failure. And you "must" learn to master it in its entirety.


Become a MASTER of Social Media:

If you want to become a Master of Social Media, and to both understand, and master the 6 points, you can register and participate in our completely free Social Media training programs, which we hold several times a week and where you will gain insight into the social medias innermost secrets and constructions.


Here you will learn how to...

  • Manipulate each social medias algorithm, so that you maximize your visibility and influence on your targeted audience
  • Avoid paying for advertising on social media and still reach out to a multitude of potential customers or/and collaborators etc...
  • Use social media in a proper and professional way, that will serve you and your business in a new, better and more lucrative way than you could ever imagine
  • Find the right, and the best social media for your particular business or products
  • Find your ideal customers, your superfans and how to get Leads without having to pay for it
  • Build a fantastic, and successful business, completely "FREE" or at a minimal cost using your time, enthusiasm, willingness to learn and perseverance.
    And much more...


Why should you participate in Social Media training ?

Many people think that participating in social media training or other forms of courses and programs are too time consuming and at the same time a waste resources. Why participate in fixed-term training when you can google the answers or find videos about what you are looking for on Google, Youtube etc.

The answer is simply, Social Physical Interaction!
If you are on the internet and looking for answers via blogs, forums, videos etc ... you are alone! The answers you find are final and someone else's opinions on a topic. If you do not find the answers you are comfortable with, you continue to search the myriad of answers and queries found on the internet and you will get different answers for each search you perform. You are also clueless about the person who writes or is shown on video, their background, knowledge or integrity in the field you are applying for. In other words, you have no one to spar or interact with. You are alone and can not create dialogue. In this way, most people become completely confused after a short time and therefore choose the wrong solutions for themselves.

This, my friend, takes up a lot of your time and is truly a WASTE OF RESOURCES!

This is not, what a millennials call trolling, but actually self-perceived facts from the author of this article combined with ignorance regarding the power of social media, at an earlier stage of life.


Participating in physical social training means that there are other people there as well, both those who seek answers in the same way as yourself, and experts in the field. You will therefore be part of a society where you get the opportunity to spar with others and ask questions along the way whereupon you will immediately be able to receive the answers you seek. You will also learn in a completely different and more productive way by listening to other people's questions, that you yourself may not have thought of, and by subsequent answers from the experts.

Another positive thing about participating in physical social training is that you meet like-minded people who can actually become your new friends, partners and / or customers. The latter depends on what you sell or what you are looking for of course. But it is no secret that physical social training / interaction is an unbeatable tool for achieving success regardless of business development or further education.

And what could be better than having all this offered to you for FREE!?

CBN meetings:
We also offer social training / courses specially adapted for small and medium-sized businesses / business owners where the goal is to help businesses grow and expand, reach a larger customer group and to create interaction between business pioneers both locally and globally. These are our high quality courses / trainings called CBN meetings.

This is also "FREE" to participants who are invited, and there is no binding in any way.
I will write more about this course in another article that you will find on our website.


What´s your favourite Social Media ?

Are you active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat or others, even the brand new and upcoming social media ...
Do you want to create business by using this or do you need help on how to use it properly in your existing business, how to market, become more visible etc ...
Then I would recommend contacting us immediately for advice, help or sign up for our -
Free Social Media trainings!


Contact us in the form below and we will reply for further follow-up.

I wish you a Good luck with your choice and future plans!                                                                  

To more and better,

Arne Opsal Hop

Author of The Power of Social Media

Copyright© 2021 by Arne Opsal Hop


Request participating on Free Social Media training or ask your questions.



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